We envision an ecologically, socially, and economically thriving world.


To cultivate, empower, and equip change makers to create a regenerative future.


What if instead of using less, we create more? That’s what CLEAR is about: Creating abundance—in businesses, organizations, communities, and people. In the face of local and global challenges like climate change, economic instability, dwindling natural resources, and expanding food insecurity, we offer an uplifting solution: Instead of using less, let’s work together to create more.

CLEAR helps business leaders to reshape how they do business, sustainability professionals to rethink green, and college students to prepare for both. The future of business is in being more than sustainable. It’s in growing our bottom line by growing everything it touches. It’s in making decisions that holistically celebrate the unique potential of our people, community, and natural environment. It’s about creating healthy, resilient businesses, projects, communities, and people. We call these Living Environments.

We provide change makers with tools to create Living Environments by practicing regeneration. How? Through our core initiative, LENSES.

board of directors

Brian Dunbar
Board Chair

Executive Director, Institute for the Built Environment

Lindsay James
Vice Chair

Sustainability Consultant & Certified Biomimicry Professional

Jim Newman
Board Secretary

Founder and Principal of Linnean Solutions

Ted W. Rollins
Board Treasurer

Co-Chairman and Founding Principal of Valeo Groupe

Jamie Dwyer

Biologist & Design Strategist, Biomimicry 3.8

Max Zahniser

Founder and CEO, Praxis|Building Solutions

John Zwolinski

Principal, ZWO Branding & Marketing



Josie Plaut

Executive Director

April Brown

LENSES Program Manager

Nicole Spear

Communications & Marketing Associate


Join our family

We are a small family of self-starters and do-gooders at CLEAR. While positions don’t come up often, we have a regular need for marketing and communication skills. We post position openings a couple of time a year. And we’re always looking for talented individuals to join us. Feel free to get in touch anytime if you’re interested in working with us.

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My internship at CLEAR exposed me to critical dialogues about what the future of sustainability looks like from local to global scales. The work I was doing was both interesting and personally fulfilling. The best part was that I got to do such rewarding work surrounded by passionate and altruistic individuals.Genevieve Geiger, CLEAR Marketing and Communications Intern, 2015-2016