Terms Of Use

While we have always intended for the LENSES Framework to be available for the general public, we feel it is important to distinguish certain terms of use for accessing and applying the Framework and its associated resources. In addition, we have outlined the different roles between a LENSES Facilitator and LENSES Faculty. By understanding the following parameters, you will help to uphold the integrity of both the Framework and CLEAR (Center for Living Environments and Regeneration).

  1. The LENSES Overview Guide is open source and available to the public. The LENSES Facilitator Manual is only available by fee and may not be distributed to others that have not participated in the LENSES Facilitator Training program.
  2. CLEAR provides educational materials and trainings on how to use the LENSES Framework. As such, LENSES Facilitators may not lead in-depth trainings on how to use the framework. Opportunities may exist in the future to become LENSES Faculty, in which case individuals would then be able to train others in using the LENSES Framework.
  3. LENSES Facilitators may guide and/or manage the application of the Framework within their organizations, on applied projects, in formal educational settings (e.g. structuring classroom activities and projects at a school or university), and in their personal lives.
  4. LENSES Facilitators are encouraged to share the LENSES Framework and the values and mission of CLEAR within their personal and professional networks; however, it is understood that Facilitators do not present themselves as representatives or employees of CLEAR.
  5. CLEAR reserves all rights to the LENSES Framework, graphic representations of the LENSES Framework, the LENSES Overview Guide, the LENSES Facilitator Manual, the LENSES Rubrics, and any other material published or developed by CLEAR.


Payment instructions have been included in your acceptance email. Please reach out to Jodi with any questions, jodi@clearabundance.org.

Note that the program fee is 100% refundable for all cancellations received up to 10 business days before the start date. After 10 business days prior to the program start date, 80% of the fee will be refunded. The remaining 20% may be applied in the future for a CLEAR training or program if cancellation is necessary. Fees are nonrefundable after the training start date.