LENSES Facilitator Program (In Person Intensive)


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This program provides hands-on experience in developing regenerative solutions through using the LENSES Framework. Participants will be engaged as both learners and co-creators on an insightful journey of discovery, applying LENSES to projects of their choice. Participants will collaborate with other leading professionals in learning about regenerative development, practicing facilitation, understanding how to influence stakeholders, and guiding dialogue and actions toward regenerative solutions, all through implementing the LENSES process.


Change makers looking for new tools that expand your ability to make a meaningful difference.
Leaders craving a fresh framework to help your team, organization, or community really push the envelope.
Pioneers interested in shaping the regeneration movement.

If this describes you, we are confident that LENSES will transform the way you think, facilitate teams, and make decisions.


In joining this community of forward-thinking practitioners, you will receive

  • 2.5 days of training sessions
  • Paper copy of the LENSES Facilitator Manual
  • Two hours of one on one consultation with course instructors
  • Ongoing collaboration and networking with leading professionals and practitioners


  1. Attend all in-person sessions
  2. Complete readings and practice activities with your study group
  3. Commit to applying LENSES to a current or future project within six-months of completing the training program
  4. Openly share feedback about your experience applying LENSES via discussions and a survey
  5. Submit a story about your LENSES project for possible publication


Similar content as the online program, but delivered over 2-1/2 consecutive days.
Program dates vary.

Locations and Dates:
  • Boston, MA – June 5-8, 2018
  • Philadelphia – Fall 2018
  • New Zealand – February 2019
  • Austin, TX TBD

Applications deadline will vary depending on start date. Please indicate which location you are interested in on your application.
Estimated Cost: $1,295 (may vary by location). Includes tuition, facilitator manual, additional resources, coffee, snacks, and such.