* Available only after successful completion of the LENSES Facilitator Program

We are looking forward to launching year two of the LENSES Practitioner Program!  We are grateful that so many Practitioners join in on the conversation for a regenerative future for all.

Hone your skills by regular focus on practice and application.



Live Online – 6 times per year. Sessions will still be ninety-minutes, every other month.  We will be alternating Monday and Tuesday afternoons 4-5:30pm Mountain time to help accommodate more schedules.  (That’s Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for our Aussies and Kiwi’s!)

On these dates:

Session 1: Monday, Nov 12 2018
Session 2: Tuesday, Dec 18
Session 3: Monday, Feb 18 2019
Session 4: Tuesday, April 23
Session 5: Monday, June 17
Session 6: Tuesday, Aug 20



*Your annual membership expires six sessions after your registration (a calendar year) and you can enter into the program at any session during the year.


What can you look forward to?

  • Increased focus on application of the LENSES Framework, including application “assignments” at each session.
  • Working groups (option to opt out of this, if you don’t have the capacity/interest).
  • “Fishbowl” sessions that allow you to have focused attention on your project by several skilled practitioners.
  • Access to cutting edge resources and thought leaders across the regenerative landscape.
  • Access to the newest courses that are designed to help you succeed in growing your local networks and communicating the value proposition of a regenerative systems-thinking approach to your clients, associates, organizations, friends and communities.
  • Opportunities to publish your project stories via social media and other professional platforms.
  • A deeper dive into how to apply the framework in a meaningful and effective way.


Contact us at for more information or just jump in now!