LENSES Facilitator Program

Do you have a nagging feeling that there is unrealized potential in your programs, projects and workshops? That you want to move teams beyond typical outcomes and toward something more meaningful? Or maybe you feel alone in your work, but know in your heart you know you are on to something important? If you can relate, keep reading.

The world needs us right now – everyday leaders who can take each opportunity and turn it into something that creates lasting benefit. We need all hands on deck.

CLEAR has brought together the leading minds and thinking in the field of regeneration to offer you a proven process for facilitating powerful, transformative projects and programs.

The LENSES Facilitator Program will:

  • Show you new ways to structure your thinking
  • Develop your understanding of regenerative practice
  • Inform and improve your project, program and workshop design and facilitation
  • Build your overall capacity and capability to lead positive and transformative projects and programs
“Be prepared for everyone to have a transformative experience, even yourself.”Jim Newman, Linnean Solutions, LENSES Practitioner

Your journey to becoming a superhero:

  • Sign up for the LENSES Facilitator Program
  • Learn about regenerative development and the LENSES Framework
  • Enjoy putting your new abilities to work on your programs and projects every day
  • Join a community of purpose driven practitioners who share your commitment to creating a healthy, thriving future
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all programs offered by clear:

Lunch n’ Learn

In-person with a local LENSES Facilitator or by webinar 50 min minute presentation with activities and Q&A

Cost: Free

Email info@clearabundance.org to inquire

101: Introduction to Regeneration & LENSES

Take a dip – put your toes in the water of regeneration and LENSES

The design is underway and will be a online and on-demand access to the Framework and provide an overview of regenerative design and facilitation. Coming soon…

201: Regeneration and LENSES Overview

Full-day in person workshop Public or private workshops. A perfect conference offering.

Interested? Sign up for our newsletter to stay inspired and see when we’re in your neighborhood, or better yet, invite us in for a private course offering by reaching out to us at info@clearabundance.org

Cost: Varies by location

301: LENSES Facilitator Program

Option 1: Live Online – 7 two-hour sessions every three weeks

Take a deep dive into the fundamentals of regenerative development and the LENSES Framework, with a particular focus on workshop design and facilitation

The online program includes seven 2-hour group video calls every 3 weeks, over a 5 month period.

Dates of the Course: The current course is ongoing until September 11, 2018. Another will be scheduled in the Fall of 2018. Please write to info@clearabundance.org if you are interested in that course.

Cost: $1,295. Includes tuition, facilitator manual & additional resources.

 Apply now!

Option 2: In Person Intensive – Similar content as the online program, but delivered over 2-1/2 consecutive days

Program dates vary.

Locations and Dates:

Boston, MA – June 6-8, 2018

Austin, TX – TBD

Philadelphia, PA – Fall 2018

New Zealand – February 2019

Applications deadline will vary depending on start date.  Please indicate which location you are interested in on your application.

Estimated Cost: $1,295 (may vary by location). Includes tuition, facilitator manual, additional resources, coffee, snacks, and such.

401: LENSES Practitioner Program

Live Online – 6 times per year

Hone your skills by regular focus on practice and application

Available only after successful completion of the LENSES Facilitator Program

Cost: $395/yr

Contact us at info@clearabundance.org to apply.

Click here to become a LENSES Practitioner

Discounts & Payment Plan 

20% discount for three or more people from the same organization

20% discount for students and young professionals (under 25)

Arrangement for three equal payments (for Facilitator course only)

Applications open January 30 for all 2018 Programs. Please click the button below to submit your Facilitator Program application. Within 3 weeks of receiving your application, we will inform you of your acceptance status.

Online Application

Active LENSES Professionals

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