LENSES Practitioner Program

Join us to cultivate a community of practice focused on the application and advancement of the LENSES Framework, in a way that is co-creative and mutually beneficial for practitioners, CLEAR, and the communities in which practitioners work, so that we foster the capacity for regenerative development.


This program is only available to alumni of the LENSES Facilitator Training program. The program is primarily for practitioners and educators who are looking to expand their application of the LENSES Framework within a network of like-minded professionals. Members should have an ongoing interest and commitment to deepening their practice and understanding of regenerative development at large.


Each bi-monthly call will dive into a LENSES-related and/or regenerative development topic. The list of topics below is based on member votes from the first LPP call as well as necessary CLEAR updates. Topics will be explored through articles, books, videos, presentations, and fishbowl activities. Members take an active role in providing topics and content for conversation. The order, length, and medium of each topic is flexible and open to change based on the desires of LPP members.

LENSES Application (both participants and CLEAR)

  • Successes, lessons learned, etc. (what)
  • Storytelling, documentation, and content creation (how)
  • Agenda and workshop development

Operationalizing Regenerative Development

  • Proposals and fee structures – how to pitch this to clients o The Value Proposition for LENSES and Regenerative Development
  • Business models to suit this work
  • Use/License Fees to CLEAR
  • How to create diverse stakeholders and/or have stakeholders on call  Value throughout all phases of a project and LENSES phases (e.g. staying engaged during Implementation)
  • Meaningful client engagement

Understanding Regenerative Development

  • Deep dives into theory and constructs (e.g. wholeness, vocabulary, paradigms, etc.)
  • LENSES Framework updates
  • Contributing to LENSES v2 Framework and resource development
  • LENSES Facilitator Recognition (certificates, titles, credentialing)

Program costs

  • Individual: $325/yr.
  • $50 per person discount for 2 or more people from same firm
  • Discounts for students: $225/yr. (a 33% discount)


Meetings will take place via video conference, every other month for 90-minutes. Calls take place from 4-5:30pm Mountain Time the fourth Tuesday of every other month, starting on February 27, 2018.

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