Welcome to the LENSES Facilitator Program

Fall 2017 Cohort

2-hour group video calls every 3 weeks, over a 5 month period
Starts Tuesday, October 17, 2017
LENSES Faculty: Josie Plaut and Jim Newman

The LENSES Facilitator program provides hands-on experience in developing regenerative solutions through using the LENSES Framework. As a participant, you will be engaged as both learners and co-creators on an insightful journey of discovery and development, applying LENSES to projects of your choice.

After taking part in this seven-part program, you will be able to serve as a champion for regenerative development and LENSES, advance your ability to use systems thinking to identify and realize regenerative potential, and facilitate teams to apply the LENSES Framework on diverse project types.

Program Resources

Module 1

Learning Objective