What is regeneration?

Regenerate (verb) | To bring new and more vigorous life to an area or institution.
Regenerative Development | the process of cultivating the capacity and capability in people, communities, and other natural systems to renew, evolve, and thrive.


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Regenerative development is built upon five principles:


  • Working in Wholes Rather than Parts

    The world works as systems of nested wholes, not a kit of parts.Through seeing and working with wholes, we come to understand the interconnections and relationships that are essential to effectively engaging people, places, and organizations.

  • Being of service

    Being of service is about becoming indispensable to a larger whole – just as your heart is indispensable to you, we seek to become indispensable as professionals in our work, as organizations to our customers and industry, and as communities to our larger geographic region. We are more likely to succeed when we fill a critical need and others see us as necessary for their success.

  • Account for uniqueness

    Every place, organization, or community has its own unique qualities and patterns. Through working to understand and connect to uniqueness, we become increasingly able to activate authentic, inspired change across natural, social, and economic systems.

  • From separate to aligned with nature

    Regenerative development is about intentionally increasing vitality, viability, and capacity to evolve –it’s about creating an abundance of life, meaning, and wellbeing. By shifting our gaze from problems to potential, we open up a world of opportunity to nurture the emergence of new, more vigorous life.

  • From Problems to Potential

    Regenerative Development involves recognizing opportunities increase vitality and viability at every turn. Instead of focusing on solving problems, we shift our focus to realizing potential. While problem solving plays a useful role certain situations, focusing on potential opens up our projects and endeavors to a whole world of possibility, and more importantly, relevancy.

Regenerative Development Documentary

Featuring Josie Plaut, Executive Director of CLEAR and Associate Director of the Institute for the Built Environment.

Living Environments

Living Environments are places that are thriving, healthy, and resilient because their natural, social, and economic systems relate in a ways that elevate individual and collective vitality.

We believe that humans have the inherent ability to become positive contributors to living systems and to foster living environments. This journey begins with learning nature’s principles and processes and then developing our ability to add value to the living systems that we depend on.